12 October 2016

Digital marketing - 6 benefit for startups businesses

digital marketing - 6 benefits for startups
Photo credits: Pixabay.com
Digital marketing has really shaped the way marketing is to be done.

Over the past few years,  entrepreneurs have taken the internet by storm providing several alternative solutions through the internet to problems making it easily accessible.

Some of this services include online stores, services providers, blogs and much more.

 But then using the internet has become more than just starting a business through the internet. It entails a lot of mores as many competitors are now appearing on the web.

However thanks to various web inventors, the internet has provided a wide horizon and among them is marketing which is a major need for start-up businesses.

For various startups , the internet makes them be able to customize, distribute and accomplish their marketing goals through  digital marketing.

 According to T. Pinero OOTERO and X. Martinez Rolan.
Today rather than a subtype of conventional marketing, digital marketing has become a new phenomenon that brings together customisation, and mass distribution to accomplish marketing goals.
The various internet applications that have emerged, including the various mobile gadgets, has opened up ways in which we think about marketing on the internet.

Marketing through the internet has pushed boundaries for startups, giving them a more user-friendly, omnipresent, and interactive way to accomplish their marketing strategies and meet up with their goal.

 6 ways digital marketing can benefit Startups.


A brand can be a name, symbol, logo and much more, that distinguish a product or services from others.

On the internet a brand needs reputation to survive.

Digital marketing  offers new brands an opportunity to create and build a reputation for their brands, increasing their scope and presence through their constant activities on the net.


The internet offers several platforms that are very simple to use in other to improve their experience and increase their brand presence in a wide scope.

Some of this platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more.

This platform gives a startup the required audiences they need.


The internet offers it, users, particularly start-ups an opportunity to increase customer base and improve their customer services.

Through online interaction, startups are able to keep a long term relationship with their customers. It offers startups direct conversation opportunity with their customers.

This could be in the feedback form about their product and services or through their help forum.


 This is one of the most important tools every start-up needs.

Every business wants a platform where they can spread the news about their product and services to attract customers and the internet provides for this both for free and paid.

For Nigerians according to Internetworldstats.com, their statistics for 2016 showed that Africa has more than 1 billion active internet users of which Nigeria has a larger share of this.

Meaning that start-up business in Nigeria has a very big opportunity in advertising their product through the net as it will get to a reasonable amount of users.

That is for paid ads. But for those who want free ads, you have to work your way up the ladder with good content and SEO marketing skill.

Video and Images communication:

Posting of videos and images through social media platform is now the other of the day.

 This is another relevant form of advertisement and when you do it right...bingo for you.

Creating the right picture along side your post or creating the perfect video for your product is way better than writing a lengthy post.

Various social media site and apps enable you to use this two tools (videos and images) to send the right messages.

Measuring Output:

Compared to other conventional marketing forms, where it wasn't easy to track one's product growth or follow up with customers, Digital marketing introduces several analytic tools, giving start-ups the opportunity to follow up and access their output and customer base.

With the right plan and strategy, startups can use their internet presence to build a concrete and trustworthy brand as long as they live up to their objectives.