21 November 2016

12 tips on Instagram Marketing

Instagram created by Kelvin Systrom and Mike K‎rieger was launched in October 2010 and has since been a major contender among all social networking platforms with 500 million active users.  Instagram is basically a visual app where people share their stories to the world using videos andd pictures and since these two elements play a greater role in marketing instincts, Instagram importance in Social Media Marketing cannot be thrown aside. Instagram now ranks among the top 5 social media platform existing today, hence this article will shed light on how we can use instagram marketing to grow our business.

Why Instagram is a good marketing tool.
Initially it was hard for marketers to grasp the marketing opportunity given by Instagram as it was easy to post a picture and video on the app but wasn't easy when it comes to monitoring and making such post popular especially when it comes to driving these consumer to the primary source, the business website. Realising this, few months back IG ‎introduce a new set of tools that could easy business marketers minds ass they try to take advantage of the marketing opportunities Instagram offers. Here are list of this tools.
  1. Business Profiles: unlike the individual profiles that usually existed in IG, just like the facebook fan page or business page, IG introduced the business profile which makes user easily understand that such account belongs to a business organisation and not an individual. Features of this profile includes a single button contact page that drives potential customers to your site and a call-to-action button that gives options of text message, phone call and email. While the accounts works like regular IG accounts, the profile page is what differentiate them. 
  2. Insights : IG also introduced Insights which gives business owners and marketers analytics of how their content on IG is going. These however can be access only if you have switched to the business profile. Insights comes with analytic data such as Impressions, content reach and Demographic data. Now for you to get this working you need to link your facebook business page linked to your IG account to get the insight data as these can be accessed through Instagram app.
  3. ‎Promotion: Just like Facebook page content booster, Instagram also introduced a promotional tool to help promote content. This feature is however not free. With the promotion tool, you can boost your content particularly the ones that your instagram insight sees as your top performing post to target customers. Instagrm will also suggest post that it feels will need boosting.
Now with this one down let's look at how we can take advantage of IG to meet our marketing goals.
  • First of all I suggest you integrate Instagram into your marketing plan. Find out the various ways by which Instagram can assist you‎r business to meet your target goal.
  • Have a eye catching visuals: Instagram is a visual app and thus rely on pictures an‎d video to tell their story, hence you must have great visual and content. According to data, 93% of buyers on IG claim they product because of it visual appearance. Advice from Sprout Social "leave instagram post to your design team."
  • Take advantage of Instagram tools: Instagram just rolled out new set of tools for marketers to use, such as the business page, insights and promotion. These as been explained above.
  • Cross promote content across other social media profile. Instagram app gives you opportunity to share your post in several other profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and several others. Asked your followers from other social platforms to follow your IG account. This will help increase your brand awareness and followers too.
  • Get Discovered: Nobody will ‎follow you if you don't take time to put your business out there. Make use of instagram explore features to find out who your followers are following the content they liked and commented on. 
  • Also take advantage of Geo-location feature as this will drive a boost your audience to your business page. 
  • Then there is tagging of people. Instagram tells stories and most of this stories involves people endeavour to tag them. It boost your followership.
  •  ‎Post contents your audience wants: Thanks to the new Insights tool Instagram has introduced. Use this tool to research which content your audience respond to more at a given time and try to post more of such content. 
  • Don't post too much: Do not overwhelm your audience with too much post as this might likely lead to them un following you. According to Sprout Social 1.5 times a day is enough. Also engagement is mostly   gotten on Mondays and thursdays‎. Posting around 3pm-4pm drives less engagements but off hours aren't always off limits. Remember to post regularly.
  • Interact with customers: When a customer leaves a comment on your IG business page, endeavour thank them for their comments. It gives such customer a feeling of recognition and importance‎. Also sought out ways to engage followers by being creative. For example a Fashion page will post "tag a girl that will like this sunglasses" 
  • Use Hasgtags: Hashtag helps you get discovered and if use wisely, increase engagement and makes you viral.
  • Don't over look Instagram Insights: The data from Instagram insights help you better understand where you are heading to. It shows how your contents are performing. 
With these few tips I hope I did satisfy your ‎urge on how to take charge of instagram marketing. If I left anything behind you can let me know through the comment section. 


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