16 November 2016

9 Facebook Marketing Tips for Beginners

Social Media is a part of the back bone for digital marketing and there are several facts to back that up. This year Facebook turned 13 and for these years Facebook has proven they are here to stay with a lot of testimonies. Put in mind also that it has the highest users among other social media platform with over 1 billion login in everyday. Now the question is since we know this facts about Facebook how do we use it to our advantage. Note the goal of your business is to do sales and not to have many likes or shares however you can't do this if you do not engage you customers who are right there on Facebook. So how do we do it?

  • First of all, Have a clear Preposition: Every businessman start their business by finding the problems of people and giving them solutions. As you plan your marketing strategy, you must clear value preposition. Communicate how you solve problems in your business niche, the benefits your business brings on the table and why your business is different from other competitor and better than them. This communique should be consistent and spread along all your marketing channels. 
  • Add Facebook to your marketing strategy: When writing your market strategy or plan, do not forget to add Facebook to it. Be clear on what the goals of your marketing strategy is and how Facebook can help you reach that goal. Every business have their target audience, be it young, old, female, male, teenagers . Start with your fan base as they are the first steps to announcing your business on Facebook. You must have a plan to attract the right fans by keeping the existing fans engaged with quality post.

  • Setup a Facebook Page: After integrating Facebook to your marketing plan, you will need a Facebook page for your business. This will be your brand face on Facebook. After getting your Facebook page. You optimize it for the best result. Use your business logo or a professional picture for the profile picture, a nice attractive and compelling banner. Write the description of your service offer, for people to know what your business is about on Your about page. Fill in the right business address and contact details so people can reach you. Remember, a Facebook page isn't a substitute for your website, so add your website link on your Facebook page. Also make sure that any product you post on Facebook should have a direct link to your website.

  • ‎Build Your Audience: Everybody already have lots of Facebook friends, these are the first point of spread the word out group. For newly launched businesses your friends list is your first advertising ground on Facebook. Send an invitation to your friends on Facebook and asked them to do the same for their friends list.  For those who already have their business and are just integrating into Facebook marketing, you can send an email of your best customers and send them an email. You can do these through the build an audience section of the Facebook page. Also ‎remember to add Facebook social plugins such as the "like" and "share" buttons on your website to increase audience and shares.

  • Keep your Post short and specific with your goal insight: ‎there are different ways to share your content on your Facebook page and each of them have their effects. 1. Status update leads to comments. 2. Sharing links leads to click through and lastly 3. Media such as photo and videos leads to like and shares. Use this wisely to your advantage depending on your marketing campaign and put in mind the keyword "content quality."

  • Know your Target Audience: Facebook demographics tells you everything bout your audience. Study this to really know who your main customers are. The info provided by this will help you advance your strategy, understand your customer and know the kind of content more preferable to your customer.

  • Post frequently and timely: posting frequently might be easy but the timing isn't. However there are several research done to cover up this. Pay attention to your customer, engage them. According to research, 1 out of 3 customer run to competitors if they are ignore on Social media.

  • Use Facebook Call-to-action button: According to Facebook news, the reason for the Call-to-action button integration is to help businesses reach their goal whether on facebook or off facebook. Now there are seven call-to-action available. 1. Book now, 2. Contact us, 3. Use App, 4. Play Game, 5. Shop now, 6. Sign up and 7. Watch video.

  • Pay Attention to Your Facebook Insight: Facebook insight is like an analytic tool that helps you monitor your page performance. It is through this that you measure your post successes and from the data adjust your market strategy. Here are the insight metrics and their meanings.      

  1. Impression: this is the number of times your post was seen on Facebook news feeds.
  2. Engagements: this is the total comments, reaction and shares of your post
  3. Link clicks: total number of clicks on your posts that has links.
  4. Organic likes: this is the total number of new users who liked your content.
  5. Unlikes: number of people who unlike your content
  6. Net likes: Total number of paid and organic likes minus total number of likes.
  7. Followers: This is the total number of your followers gotten from sponsored update.
  8. Total Fans: total number of your Fans





Photo Credits: Pixabay.com


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