17 November 2016

Social media marketing: 9 tips on how to use Twitter as a marketing tool.

We have looked at what social media brings to the table when it comes to marketing with facts and logistics.
we have looked at ways by which we can market our products and services through Facebook which is the ‎largest social media platform on earth. Today we set to look at marketing through Twitter, Why and How.

Why You Need Twitter for marketing:
  • Most of it users are young
  • 1.3 billion accounts created 
  • 310 million active user
  • 80% of the users use mobile to access it
  • 23% of Internet user is on Twitter
  • Twitter is more popular among men than women
  • 26% of it user earns $75000 annually
  • ‎500 million people visit without login in
  • 6000 tweets are sent per seconds
  • Each Twitter user is worth $118
  • Each visitor from twitter to your ‎site is worth 62 euros
Twitter and its effect on Brands and product.
  • 92% of companies tweet more than once per day.
  • Twitter paid ad engagement grew to 208% in the form 2015-2016
  • 52‎% of users say they bought a product they first saw on Twitter.
  • 81% of users say Twitter has a huge impact on their purchasing decision.
  • Consumer on Twitter spend an average of $46.29 a day
  • On average 15 jobs, openings are posted by brands every minute
Brand interaction
  • 85% of users feel‎ more connected to a brand after following.
  • 84% of followers give positive experience after interacting with a brand
  • 77% of users feel better after a brand replies their tweet.
  • Business organizations/companies that use Twitter for customer service gets 19% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 70% of small business owners retweets content
  • 58% of Brands have more than 100K followers
  • Promoted tweets boost offline sales way-up by 29%
The Right Time to Tweet - Day time
  • 12 am- best time for Favorites
  • 1 am- best times for replies
  • 2 am- best times for clicks
  • 3-4 am the best time for tweets
Night time
  • 12 -1 pm most popular time to tweet
  • 9 pm- best time for overall engagement
  • 11 pm - best time to retweets
Brand engagement is normally higher by 17% during the weekends.

Take this into consideration while you tweet;
  • Tweets with one hash tag gets ‎29% over all engagement, while the tweets with more than one hash tag gets 17% less engagement
  • Tweets with links get 2 times better chance of being retweeted
  • Tweets with photos get 18% more clicks, 89% more likes, 150% more retweets, 5 times overall engagement.
  • Tweets with images and links get 150% overall engagement.
  • Tweets with Videos get 1.9 times more favorites, 2.5% more replies, and 2.8% more retweets.
Now with all these facts put in place let's get down to how we can use our Twitter handle ‎to increase marketing prospect and reach market goals.

  1. Optimize your Twitter bio: Your bio tells people about your company and what it offers. It includes a link to your website and other necessary information, like contact address. Be simple and short.
  2. Combine twitter into your advertising plan..
  3. Follow Industry Influencers: Find influencers related to your industry. You can use tools like Topsy.com to search for them. Make a list of the top 100 influencers, a potential client. Add them to a Twitter list and engage them daily.
  4. Tweet regularly: Tweeting regularly means that you are active and have a healthy profile and this will attract your customers. When you tweet regularly you show sign of a healthy Public Relation. Tweeting once in a week or a month kills your marketing strategy.
  5.  Don't be afraid to Ask your followers for a retweet, mentions, and favorite.
  6. Retweets and Favourite other people's tweets: as you ask for retweet endeavor to retweet for others. Remember what you want people to do for you, you do also for them.
  7. Use Hash Tags: Hashtags according to fact‎ increases engagement by 29%. It helps your post trends
  8. ‎Use visuals: Images and videos increase chances of getting more click and likes and sales. If you do this right then you are on your way up.
  9. Follow Trends and Hashtags: Look at trending topics and hashtags and use it to create a relevant connection to your brand.
  10. ‎Use Twitter analytic: pay attention to twitter analytics as this gives you info on how your brand is growing on Twitter. It will help you when you want to strategies if things aren't working as plan