16 Convincing reason why you need a blog this 2017

Happy new year to you my esteem readers.
We are in 2017 already and I'm not surprised if business owners have already taken to their drawing board to map out plans on how to market their products and services this year and i hope blogging is part of the strategy.  If not then this post will convince you on why a blog should be part of the strategy.

Before i move on to convince you why a blog should be part of that strategy let me first for the sake of those who don't know what a blog is - give you an idea.

A blog is a website through which opinions are shared, information is passed, and most of all businesses directly engage with their customers.  It is a valuable tool for marketers.
Lets move on to why you need a blog......
  1. It is the soul of content marketing. I am sure that content marketing is a part of every business marketing strategy. Every business owner  want customers to understand what their services is about and convince their customers on why such services are needed and the best way to do this is using a blog. Be it through Videos or images or articles, owning a blog gives you an edge in content marketing. 
  2. It is a direct communication channel with your leads and customer.  A blog is like an online customer service for businesses to answer their customers -frequently asked questions (FAQ) and connect with customers and leads by sharing relevant information(s). 
  3. It drives traffic to your website.  Though a blog is a website, it is an information sharing website and not the actual front of your online business.  By writing relevant articles and sharing it online either through social media or search engine you indirectly through your blog drive traffic to your website.  This you do by including a call-to-action link to the main business website on the blog. 
  4. It is simple and easy to use.  Setting up a blog is no rocket science.  You do not need to be a website designing genius or an html guru to start a  blog.  There are several blogging platforms out there and most of them are free. BloggerWordpress are the few good ones around. Click on this link to see steps on how to start a blog
  5. According to stats 60% of businesses who own a blog acquire more customers than those that don't. 
  6. It is your company/business voice.  Your business is an abstract entity and needs  a voice to let people know it exists to serve them.  The blog is that voice.  It gives you room to tell customer about your new and old product and space to share your company's initiative and get customer views about them. 
  7. It makes you an authority in your industry.  By posting frequently and updating your customer about your industry and answering questions from customers through your blog.  You are indirectly establishing yourself as an authority in your field. 
  8. It convert traffic to leads and leads to customers.  The main objective of a business blog is to generate traffic and leads.  Every article you post through your blog gives you a fighting chance to convert traffic to leads and if the post are convincing enough then leads are converted into customers.  You generate leads by adding a call-to-action button on your blog that gets visitors  to fill in thier data. 
  9. A blog gets your business discovered.  Blog as i pointed out in point 1 is the soul of content marketing and by sharing your blog content on social media, your brand and business gets discovered as more people re-share the post on their own social media page hence indirectly giving you the popularity you need. 
  10. It brings in money.  This is more and the most important reason why you will need a blog.  It brings in money for both normal bloggers and business bloggers alike.  For normal bloggers platforms such as adsense and media.net are advertising agents that helps bloggers make money. For business owners it help push up sales. 
  11. It builds customers confidence in you.  As mentioned earlier your blog is your customer relations service online and by providing solutions to their problems and updating them about new products and services, customers will see you as a professional and a reliable source of information in your industry. They will have no choice but to come to you for services. 
  12. It is a good Press relations.  Blog creates free press for your business and most especially you.  Publishing great content entice journalist to look for the person behind such great content because they see you as an expert in your field and will like to share your story with the world. 
  13. It keeps you focus on your goal.  A blog strategy requires you to define your blogging goals (who you are blogging for and why.)
  14. It keeps you on your feet.  To be seen as an expert in your field and to drive more sales and traffic you need to post new content regularly meaning you need to be up to date in your industry.  A blog keeps you alert about trends,  changes and info about your industry.  
  15. It gives you insight about your customers.  Many blogging platforms comes with analytic data that tells you who your customers are,  where they are coming from, country and behaviour.  
  16. It powers your social media.  By creating good content,  your marketing becomes easy as you provide value to your customer who like wisely share it on social media and thus you gain valuable followers  also. 

At this point i trust you are convinced on why you need a blog.  Wishing you all the best this new year.  Have a great marketing year. Love you all.