6 Digital Marketing Myths to avoid this Year

Myths have been an integral part of our lives. It's in our history, stories, and movies. From the great Greek gods of Olympus to the superstitious stories of African legends.

Elf, Pixie, Fairy, Figurine, Myth

So when it comes to delusion human beings discover it tough to believe because they feel these stories were fabricated.

However, currently, there is a myth going around and people aren't seeing this as the fabricated stories of the Greeks gods but totally believe this one.

The myth behind Digital marketing has been circulating like a virus and people are not aware of the harm these myths is causing to their business.

From the early days of digital marketing, to be truthful, some of these myths might have been real, but as people seek several ways to promote their business and increase sales and conversion, some of these myths as gone into extinction.

So if you are just starting out as a digital marketing, these post will clarify your idea of digital marketing.

Here are 6 myths of Digital Marketing that is killing several businesses...

Digital Marketing can solve all your business needs:

This is one of the selling points for digital marketing. You hear words like ' the world is now digitally and technologically driven, the internet age is evolving, digital marketing is all you need to solve your business marketing problems. Traditional marketing has gone obsolete and is no longer applicable to this new digital era.

Here is the truth about this myth.
Digital marketing is just an integral part of the methodologies for marketing. Traditional marketing has not gone obsolete. When combined together it gives you that Voltron's force in your marketing strategy.
Yes we are in a digital world and digital marketing plays a very vital role in it, however, it is a cure to all your business marketing needs

Digital Marketing is easy:

 This is one myth that people so much believe and have got them doing digital marketing wrong. People see digital marketing as a bullet train, whereby they just setup a blog or website, open several social media profiles and then sit and watch the magic happen. The fact is Digital marketing is not as easy as traditional marketing.

Here is why....
Traditional marketing just requires majorly advertisement, Digital marketing requires more than that. It involves connecting, engaging and conversion of your target audience which takes time.
It involves several tactics and techniques if executed through a well-planned strategy will bring in joy.  When it comes to digital marketing, it is all about the audience and not the business.

Digital Marketing is free:

 People have rushed into digital marketing with this belief and have gotten their hands burnt in the process. Take for example I once believed that once I opened a Facebook page, get my friends to like it, then other people will follow suit. the problem, however, was actually getting my friends to like it. A task that was so simple at least for the sake that they were my friends.

I later got to understand that one way or the other we have to still rely on Facebook ads to get that like faster or patiently wait for it to grow.
The fact is Digital Marketing is not totally free but it is however not as expensive as Traditional Marketing.

Digital Marketing Produce Returns of Investment (ROI) Immediately:

You are just starting digital marketing and is so excited that once you create a digital marketing campaign and it goes lives, the money begins to pump in. This myth is like pizza to the ears of several business owners.

Fact Check.....

Putting your money in pay per click advertising, or SEO or Social media marketing does not guarantee that your ROI that you get 3x or 4x amount in sales and profit immediately.  It is a process.

You don't think about the now but the future. It is traditional marketing that you invest money on ads, perhaps billboard, newspaper ads e.t.c and you expect the money to be flowing in in a rush.

Digital marketing is all about communicating, engaging and then conversion. It also gives you an opportunity to monitor your ROI which takes time but the payback is always enormous (if you strategy works out great).

Digital Marketing Works Better With Numbers:

Back in the earlier days, people believed that digital marketing was all about quantity and not quality. They churned out lots of low-quality contents to generate traffic, backlinks and referral link not minding where they were coming from.

But now that is not the case, though it is good that you have so many followers or friends on social media platform. When it comes to traffic, backlinks and referral links one must be very careful of the source as there are now rules governing it.  If these rules are not heeded, it will affect your business badly.

Also, changes in search engine algorithms now focus on quality backlinks, clicks and referrals.

Digital Marketing is for the Young Generation:

This statement has been erroneously uttered by many business men who believe that since their product is not for the young generation, then there is no need using digital marketing.

Yes, the younger generation is very active in the digital world but see this fact.
According to International Business Times, the dominant age group on Facebook users falls between 25 and 55 meaning that digital marketing can be used to target any age group all that matters is the content and digital marketing strategy.


Digital marketing is no doubt the best marketing force in this digital age. However believing in certain myths or lies as I mentioned above can cause huge damage to your marketing strategy. Clear your mind, set your goals, create strategies and ensure you leverage all marketing techniques that are available at your disposal.

Thanks for reading...😊

If there are any other myths that haven't been mentioned here, feel free to share with us in the comment section.