Five Tips for Choosing The Right Niche for Your Blog

Blogging can be a very rewarding career if you put your mind towards it. In a previous post, I wrote about the benefits of blogging for business and individual, of which one of it is financial freedom. However blogging is not something you just rush into. It takes a lot of time, decision, and planning before you can start blogging.

Four tips for choosing the right niche for your blog
A lot of times we hear people complain about how they start a blog and had to shut it down because it wasn't giving them what they want. One of the major reason for this kind of negative comments about blogging falls on the fact that the complainer did not pick the right niche or topic on which he or she wanted to blog on. I too was formally a victim of this until I got to realize my mistake I probably won't be blogging by now.

 Your blogging success depends on the niche you choose to write about and Five other factors which we will be discussing in this post.
 These factors include
  1. Motivation
  2. Knowledge
  3. Content
  4. Market
  5. Patience 
We shall look at these factors in details
  •  Motivation

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you want to start blogging? Lots of people allow money to be their motivation when they start blogging. They hear how people succeed in making money out of it so they decide to jump into it and thus get their hands burnt.

All you need to have is the passion for what you do. Many successful bloggers out there became what they are not because they started blogging just to generate revenue, but rather because they love what they do.  When you make money your motivation, you land into trouble as you will be tempted to choose a topic or niche you won't be able to handle.

I started blogging back in 2013, and since then I have gone through many blogs and failed. What drove me then was the money generating factor. I wanted to make money so I started a news site, It was great but something was off. News niche required much time and patience than I could give and thus I couldn't stand it and I closed it. Time wasted, money never came in.

Today  I'm a digital market blogger not because of the money, but because that is where my passion lies.

So when you are starting a blog, you need to ask yourself – are you passionate about this topic? Do you read on this topic and follow the news regularly, if yes, then you have crossed 33% of the journey. Because having a passion for a topic is not the only criteria which determine your blogging success.

  • Knowledge

The second factor has to do with Knowledge. How much do you know and understand what you are blogging about? Take for example you love traveling.  You blog about traveling and yet you haven't stepped out of a particular area before. You won't be able to create rich content or had your flare to such content about the place you write about because you haven't been there or haven't researched about it.

When you blog about something you know nothing about but only fantasize about it, you will hit a wall in your blogging career.

 The good thing, however, about talent is that you can acquire it. Passion cannot be acquired.  However, you can learn about what you want to blog about, it only requires you to research.
  • Content

Every blogger wants to make money through their blog. However, if you want to make profits from your blog you need to create contents that will relate with your audience and get them engaged.

Any product or service, no matter how passionate you are about it, will not sell if there is no demand for it. According to the richest man in the world Bill Gates,

Yes, there are some products that people never realized they would need until they see a very attractive content that was able to lure them to get it. A good content attracts sales and creates a market for you.
However, when creating content there are certain tips I suggest you should follow.
  • Market

You want to make money from your blogs, you have to make something people want. Any product or service, no matter how passionate you are about it, will not sell if there is nobody wants it. Let’s say you are passionate about making snacks with wealth, but no one cares about weather snacks. That could be a disaster for you because unless the market pays you to your passion, you cannot keep doing something that doesn’t pay your bill.
  • Patience

Have I mentioned earlier in this article, blogging takes time. For you to be a successful blogger patience is required. This is not only applicable in the time it takes from you but also the time it takes in growing and eventually making money from it.

Patience is key for every blogger because, without it, failure is eminent.

Final note

Blogging isn't easy at all, to become successful you must be ready to put in all your time, energy as well as have patience and choose the right niche.

All the best for your blogging efforts! If you have any questions, leave a comment below!