How Digital Marketing Expert Spend Their Time and Budget in 2017

Digital Marketing

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Have you ever wonder how expert digital marketers spend their time and budget? Looking for ways to improve your own digital marketing strength this 2017?

Search Engine Journal shared with us several ways by which marketing expert spend their time and budget on digital marketing and how you could follow in their footsteps in 2017.

SEJ last October went on a research, interviewing 230 digital marketing experts on how they work, what they spend and how they measure their success.  Here is a summary of the result collated from the research.

On SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Three questions were thrown to our experts, if they performed SEO  Audit on a new client website, How often they perform SEO Audit on a client website and how much they spend on SEO.

According to result, 43 percent of the experts said they usually perform SEO audit on for a new client website before doing anything, 24 percent consider it unnecessary while 33 percent claims it depends perhaps on the client they are handling.

On how often they perform this audit, 47 percent claimed they do it every 6 months which is the highest frequency rate. 29 percent claimed they do it monthly and 15 percent claimed they do it yearly while 5 percent probably don't do it at all.

So how much do they spend on SEO? according to Search Engine Journal, 31 percent of respondents spend an average of $51 – $300 on SEO tools per month, with 23 percent spending less than $50 a month and the shocker is 7 percent spend above $1000.

 Social Media Marketing is Effective

80% of the respondents say that social media network is still an effective use of resources.
Facebook continues to be the favorite social media platforms for digital marketers with 62% saying they would pick Facebook over any other social media platform out there,

On how they measure their social media effectiveness  39 percent look at engagements (likes, votes, and comments), 31 percent prefer conversion and 13 percent prefer the traffic flow.

On How much they spend on social media paid ads, 46 percent  of respondents are  of the opinion that businesses can be effective on social media without utilising paid campaigns 27 percent of respondents spend an average of $51 – $300 on social campaigns per month, while 19 percent spend $0 – $50 and 16 percent spend $301 – $1,000

PPC is Vital

Has much as many digital marketers prefer the free stuff, Paid advertising still plays a vital role in Digital marketing campaigns.

SEJ research reveals that 42 percent of digital marketers allocate most of their digital campaign budget to Pay Per Click (PPC) and display ads.

So how much do digital marketers spend on their PPC campaigns?  18 percent of digital marketers spend between $51 to $300 on average for their monthly PPC campaigns. 17 percent spend below $50 per month for PPC campaigns and 16 percent spend $5000 for PPC campaigns per month which is very huge...

The survey also shows that being in the top three positions on SERPs results in the highest number of clicks for ads. It brings in an average CTR of 2-3%.

And Content Marketing remains King

Though digital marketing experts, to be precise, 56 percent of them believes that a balanced diet of content marketing, SEO, Social media marketing, and link building is the most effective aspect of digital marketing, 53 percent of the mix claim that they still have a planned content marketing strategy and believes that content marketing still leads the digital marketing strategy.

The irony, however, is that despite content marketing is very vital to digital marketers, not much is allocated to it during budget planning. 24 percent of respondents spend under $50 a month, while 2 percent spend between $51 – $300 and 17 percent spend $301 – $1,000.

So what type of content is most effective?

According to the research, Blog posts tops the category with 41 percent, long form content follows behind with  14 percent, videos 12 percent, webinars 7 percent and podcast, 3 percent


What does the research tell us?
  1. SEO audit is very vital and should be done at least twice a year.
  2.  That social media is still effective for business with Facebook as a key player
  3.  Paid advertising is still very important even though you can run your campaign without it.
  4. That content marketing is king and owning a blog is very important.


From the above research, Digital marketing experts gave us insights on how they effectively run their marketing campaigns, with many of them spending lesser money and still getting the result. This shows that the amount of money budgeted for a digital marketing campaign doesn't really matter but rather the strategies and their effectiveness.