About Me

Hey there! this is Marcel from Lagos. Welcome to my blog! I really appreciate that you checked out my About page. I am a passionate digital marketer, and blogger. I have been in the digital marketing industry for 2 years.

I write about digital marketing on this blog (trends and how-tos).

I currently work at Ultra Media Solutions as a digital marketing manager and I also train people in digital media marketing.

I understand that digital marketing can be really expensive if one decides to pay to learn it.
So I have setup this blog as a solution to the expense of learning DMM. I would be touching all topics randomly. I will touch on tricks as well as tips with step by step pictures to help you understand the process.

My strongest point is Social Media Marketing and Analytics but I do know my way around other digital marketing techniques and I love researching on new digital marketing trends.

I hope that this blog satisfies your craving for digital media marketing.
you can contact me on Marcelodiagbe@gmail.com