Social Media 2018 - 5 ways to optimise for productivity

5 ways to optimise your social media for productivity in 2018

Social Media as gone beyond the social idea that surrounded it initial development but has now come to be more business and opportunistic  like.

Social media, is now the new global market where boundaries has been cut out.

But then only businesses, organisation and individuals who understand the power of social media leverage on it to achieve their goals.

While majority of people still use their social platform for meeting new friends and gallivanting, few wise people use this platforms to increase profit and productivity.

They do this through what we marketers call social media optimisation (SMO).

In this post i will be revealing....

 5 ways we can optimised our social profiles to maximize productivity and profit..

Note this ways are applicable for both individuals and businesses

1. Keep Your Social Media Profile Professional and Updated:  

This is the first steps to optimising your social media profiles.  Last week I got a call from a firm, they were looking for someone who will fill the position of the head of marketing at their firm and they felt I fit into the position has i have the required skills and experience they needed.

Guess what? They got my contact on LinkedIn...

As an individual how you present yourself on social Media speaks volumes and you need to be careful with the info you shun out, you don't know the opportunities that are lurking around.

Social Media is now becoming a hiring ground for big firms and companies. Keep your profile updated with vital information that will put you at the forefront of your future employers.

Make use of professional Pictures and ensure, all your social media profiles are in sync - that is they are all giving out same information.

For Businesses the more information you give about your work and how you solve people problems on social media, the more likely customers are ready to interact with you.

Create a stunning social profile with your business keywords in mind. Just like individuals, ensure your social media profiles are in sync.

Make use of your company logo as the profile picture and please your logo should look professional and confident if not seek a professional graphics designer to make you one.

2. Integrate your social media profile on your Business website or blog and vice versa: 

 Lot of businesses make this big mistake, the build website but they don't link their social profiles to it.  And those who have social media icons on their website don't link it to their profiles or the link it wrongly...

Businesses that do this mistake miss a lot in productivity and profit making. They are not giving potential customers alternative ways to interact with them.

Another bad effect of not linking your social profiles to your website is that you will be missing tons of referral from these profiles back to your website..

If your business isn't doing this then fix it..

Also your website blog needs to integrate social sharing buttons for your customers to easily share it and thus increase traffic and sales flowing to your  website.

As individuals integrating social icons on our blog increases interaction and traffic.

3. Post Regularly:  

The third on the list is regularly updating your social handles with content.   Have a posting plan and post regularly at least once in a day.

Be mindful of the kind of content you post  on your profiles.. My take is that you post content related to what you do for businesses and for individuals post content related to the industry you are interested in..

Posting regularly on your social profiles gives you an edge over your competitors. It indicates that you know what you are doing and you are the right person for the job.

For businesses posting content that solves problems attract clients and drives traffic to your website.

4. Make Use of Hashtags : 

When it comes to people viewing your post on social media platforms, consider hashtags as the nitro boost for your content to go far without using paid promotion.

Hashtag works in many ways. It can also connect your with the right people within your industry niche.

Working with trending hashtags get your content far.  However don't  stuff your content with hashtag - it is annoying and makes you look immature.

5. Monitor, Track and Analyse:  

If all the above is perfectly carried out, the next thing you will want to do is find out how your profiles are performing, who is interacting with your post, what is the age group of people connecting with you, their industry.

 How many times did companies view your LinkedIn profile? How many likes, reach and views did your post get? What of the comments?

All of these questions can be answered using social media insights and analyses.

Having this analysis keeps you on your toes and gives you an idea of how far your marketing strategy is working and if it needs changes.


A complete and perfectly optimised social media profiles opens doors of opportunities for individuals who are seeking to enhance their experiences and work in their dream organisations/ companies.

For business organisation, a complete and optimised social media profile attract leads and place you ahead of your competitors.

Social media plays a large role in search engine optimization and this opportunity needs to be leveraged by both companies and individuals.

Over to you ..... In what ways do you optimised your social media profiles that brings result...
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