7 Commandment of Copywriting that Drives Sales


7 commandment of Copywriting that drive sales

Sales copy  are the magical content that attract, engage and convinces a customer or potential client to take an action (buy, click or view).

It is one part of marketing every business needs to get right if they need to see result.
But then many companies fail badly when it comes to writing a sales copy. Why?

This is because many do not understand the basics of writing a sales copy.

In this article, i will show you 7 commandments of Sales Copywriting that drives sales.

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7 Commandment Of Sales Copywriting that drives sales

1. Know Your Audience

Before you start writing that sales copy, you need to establish who you are writing it for.
Don't just write a sales copy just because you have a product you want to sell or service you have to offer.

You need to first of all establish who your audience are, how they behave, where they live, their age range and what they do..

Knowing this will give you clarity of what to write in your sales copy.

2. Your Value proposition or Key Selling Point (KSP):

Another thing you will want to consider is your value proposition.

Why should people buy or order for your services?

What makes you different from other competitors?

How can your product or service had value to their lives?

You need to answer these questions before you pick up that pen and start crafting a sales copy.

Your value proposition is among the main points that will convince a potential client to take that leap of faith for your product or services.

3. Establish an Objective

Whenever you start writing your sales copy, either for an ad,  or for a product description, for your blog, YouTube channel or whatever it is - ensure you understand what the objective of the sales copy is.

Whether it is to make a sale, or to make people subscribe to your email list, on something else - make sure you understand this so as not to sway away while writing and also ensure that you add you call to action (cta) that tells your audience, clients, potential customers what to do after reading your sales copy.

4. Compelling Subject Line:

Your subject line is the first point of contact for your content. It is very important for your email, your blog articles and ad copy.

It is what drive people into reading the rest of your sales copy before they eventually take an action.
Your subject line must be attractive and captivating enough to draw attention.

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5. Use The Present Tense:

Avoid using passive words in your sales copy. Words like would, could, may, should be avoided.

Make use of words that keeps the audience in the present or future present.
Customers interact with them more...

Present tense or present future tense ignites confidence and trust. Use them in your sales copy and watch people interact with your brand more.

6. Be Clear, readable and concise:

This is the part where you forget about what you were taught in school on writing an essay.
When writing a sales copy, put in mind that you are trying to get sell and not trying to prove that you went to school.

Your language must be simple and easy to understand.

Avoid using grammars that requires dictionary search or critical thinking.

Be clear and concise about the message and action you want people to take. Avoid beating around the bush and just hit the nail on the head.

Also  for text, use a clear font that is easily readable. I will recommend the Open Sans family - they have very clear font.  You don't want your future leads to scrap your sales copy just because of bad font (more like bad handwriting).

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Sales Copy are very vital in marketing, that is why the need to be written very carefully with your objective and audience in mind.

Following the above commandments strictly will surely get you there.

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