Videos mix Motion, Text & Sound, 3 vital components in any video marketing strategy.

However, only a handful of businesses use this medium in their marketing plan

Here are 7 reasons why your business needs videos marketing:


Today, everybody is hungry for knowledge, however, they need it Fast.

They'd rather pay a couple of seconds watching a video about a product than a few minutes reading about that same product.
A promotional video gives more information about a product in a few seconds than text or word of mouth.
Hence Businesses needs to use this medium to sell themselves to their target market on the go!


Increases Interaction.

Promotional Videos if well detailed has the tendency to reached your target audience and create an interaction which leads to sales.

According to research carried out by Smallbiztrends, Social videos generate 1200 percent shares than text or images

Now Imagine the advantages to your business if your video goes viral and causes a stir on the internet.

There's no alternative method of advertising which will provide such spectacular results in a short time as a video would.


Using videos to explain how your product or services can be used helps retain customers.

Videos are very great in branding as they create an everlasting impression in the minds of your audience.

According to research, 80 percent of people can remember what they saw or watch than what they read.

Thus if you plan on keeping your brands up in the minds of your target audience then you have to start using videos.

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Lasting Impression

As mentioned earlier videos are very effective when it comes to branding.

They have this magical effect on those who watch them.

Just the way a good movie remains in the heart of those who watch it so does a good advertisement video.

A good video ad leaves a lasting impression on the minds of potential clients or customers.

This is because anytime your product or services is needed, they recall your video ads the once watched.

To back it up research shows that potential customers recall the video the once watch 30 days ago.


If you want to really make that sale, then you need a video.

According to Matt Carter
“Click-throughs on a video are often much higher than a standard website listing on the front page of Google. If you see a video in the Google results… it stands out a lot more than a regular website listing does, so [it] tends to attract more clicks.”
According to another popular saying - 1 explainer video equals to 100 sales executives.

In numbers, videos 90 percent of people claim video helps in the buying decision and a whopping 200 - 300 percent of click-through rate comes through if a video is embedded in an email.

And also 61 percent of people claim they buy a product after watching a video.

So if you really want to sell you need a video.

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Videos are a great way to increase sales, brand awareness and interaction with potential customers.

However, I must warn you, when creating a video pay attention to details, understand the purpose of your video and do not create your video anyhow.

The world is watching and a slight misinformation or a shabbily done video can destroy your brand.
At this point, I drop my pen and bid you farewell in your video campaign.

Now over to you.

Have you been using videos in your marketing campaign?

Please share your experience in the comment section.