4 Effective Ways to use Whatsapp Business for Marketing.


4 effective ways to use Whatsapp Business for Marketing

When you consider  social networking tools, what comes to mind are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other Social networking tools.

However, messager apps are now becoming much more popular.

What's more, progressively messaging applications are being used as part of marketing strategies.

Whatsapp being the most used messenger app with over 1.5 billion active user every month and 60 billion messages sent everyday, one can not over look it usefulness and opportunities in the marketing world.

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 Recently  a business version of the application was launched, they claimed it was built "with small business owners in mind."

While it doesn't have too much distinction as the normal Whatsapp such as the messaging functions.

It however comes with some special features that allows you to automate, sort and quickly respond to messages.

It also allow such functions as map and address of business, opening hours, Business category, email, website and statistics.

You can label your client based on their services, setup quick replies for frequently asked questions, a welcome message and also an away message.

But how can you effectively use WhatsApp for marketing?

Here Are 4 Effective Ways to Use Whatsapp Business for Marketing

Use As Call To Action (CTA) - Lead Generation

Whatsapp provides and effective communication link amongst people. Infact it is said that over 60 billion messages are sent every day using this app.

According to reseach,  67 percent of mobile messaging apps user are expecting to see more communication with businesses using chat apps.

Recently, I began using Whatsapp as a call to action for one of my client and i saw an increase of over 300% response compared to using email.

Whatsapp is easily accessible by anyone and it makes communication easy between businesses and clients.
It increase trust and promotes customer relationship.

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Go Personal with Potential Client

As a digital marketer one of the advantages of whatsapp marketing, is it ability to quickly establish a relationship between businesses and clients.

Whatsapp has a very strong engagement rate, if exploited perfectly by businesses can easily convert.

One thing I noticed using whatsapp business as a marketing tool, is the closure between myself and clients which allows me to easily convince them into taking an action.

For me i ask them about their day, work and even bid them a good night rest.

By getting personal with many of my clients, i have been able to close some deals which would have been difficult using email or social media handles.

If you don't know - 98 percent of mobile messages are opened and read and 90 percent of them are opened within seconds.

Send Broadcast message - Encourage Your Client to Rebroadcast 

 Another effective way is to use whatsapp broadcasting functions.

Though no changes was made to this in the business app as it remains 256 person per broadcast.

However the business app allows you to tag/sort out broadcast list based on the services they request for.

According to research 84 percent of sharing online are done using messenger apps.

People find it easy to share content through messenger apps.

Share engaging tips and advice - lot of people easily share this sought of content.

Ensure you encourage  them to share.

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Make Use of Whatsapp Groups.

Whatsapp groups are super interactive.

One of my client a real estate firm,  uses whatsapp group as an educational forum where clients and other realtors meet to share experiences and tips about investing  in Real Estate.

This as help them increase customer trust and closed more deal.

The odd side of whatsapp group is that is allows only 256 members in a group.

Keep whatsapp group engaging by sharing tips and anwsering questions raised by group members.

However also ensure you have rules and regulations that governs the usage of the group as it can be easily abused by members.


Since using Whatsapp as part of my marketing strategy, I have seen more increase in lead generation and conversion.

I strongly advice this tool to be used as a
marketing weapon.

Over to you..

Have you tried using whatsapp for marketing ?

What was the outcome?

Share your experiences through the comments section below.

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